ASSERT Officers grace PEMEA Confab with state-of-the-art OBE lectures


Board Members of the Association of Education Researchers and Trainers (ASSERT) are becoming preferred and sought-after speakers on Outcome-Based Education in various national conferences and conventions in the Philippines. The latest among a series of invited lectures featured Dr. Jonathan V. Macayan, Dean of Mapúa University’s School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences and ASSERT Interim President, and Dr. Bernardino C. Ofalia, Interim Auditor, during the 2017 National Convention on Educational Measurement and Evaluation (NCEME) of the Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation Association (PEMEA) held at the Winford Hotel and Casino, San Lazaro Tourism Business Park, Manila on August 23-25, 2017.

Dr. Ofalia discussed Outcome-Based Management System featuring Pisara Technology Solutions Inc.’s turnkey learning management system. In his talk, Dr. Ofalia walked the participants through how Pisara’s learning management system ardently adheres to the operating principles of OBE to effectively and efficiently guide school administrators and faculty all throughout a full cycle of OBE implementation from outcome statements to outcome-based assessment and evaluation. He also highlighted the importance of systemic structure as the fundamental operating lens through OBE could be carried out.

For his part, Dr. Macayan who also sits at the PEMEA Board tackled contextualization of OBE in Philippine Education. In his talk, Dr. Macayan went over the philosophy and principles of Outcome-Based Education based on Dr. William Spady’s seminal work. He also differentiated OBE from ABE or Accreditation-Based Education. Then, he shed light on critical issues surrounding OBE implementation in the Philippines. He also paid attention into various implication of contextualizing OBE in the Philippines for various aspects of education including teaching and learning, assessment and evaluation. Immediately after the talk, no less than Dr. Spady himself approached Dr. Macayan to congratulate him and, importantly, manifest his renewed commitment to work with ASSERT in propagating OBE in the Philippines.

This latest of a string of invited talks on OBE topics is a testament of ASSERT’s leadership in Outcome-Based Education and Research in the Philippines led by board members who themselves are leading figures of OBE implementation in the country.